About us

Anthony Harper is one of New Zealand’s oldest-standing law firms, with a proud history that spans more than 150 years. Today the firm has more than 150 people based in Auckland and Christchurch, with internationally recognised and award-winning specialist lawyers working for a wide range of clients (from large corporates to individuals), across a range of sectors and services.

We work throughout New Zealand, and through ALFA International partners can arrange legal support in 65 countries.

No two clients are the same, but they choose – and stay with us – for similar reasons: the outcomes we get, a deep understanding of the environment our clients operate in, our strategic focus, and our willingness to work their way.

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Anthony Harper Lawyers Christchurch and Auckland

The Anthony Harper Difference:

  • Our lawyers are specialists in their field of choice, bringing clients well-honed expertise, strong connections to their sector, and a real enthusiasm for the work.
  • We’re easy going and good to work with, and we get the job done – Anthony Harper people are all about getting the results our clients are seeking.
  • At Anthony Harper, you get the best of both worlds: you get a true expert in their chosen field, but working closely with other specialists – you always get the right person for the job, within a seamless experience.
  • With us, you get the person you hired, and while all the support and services are in place to get the job done well and cost effectively, you won’t lose access to that person.
  • We are passionate about our areas of expertise, getting great outcomes and having our clients’ backs, but also know the importance of working collaboratively. We know the power of good working relationships with one another, our clients, and everybody we work with.