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Changes to visa rules, to help with the Covid-19 pandemic

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On 16 April, some visa rules were temporarily relaxed for those working within businesses providing “essential services”.   Employers can submit an application, online, to have migrant workers’ visas amended.   In…

All change! What is happening with New Zealand’s work visa system?

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The proposed changes to New Zealand's visa system, which started out with a government consultation at the end of last year, are now underway. Work-to-residence visa - significant minimum salary increase Work-to-residence visas are available…

Immigration Alert: Changes to Accredited Employer Scheme

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Immigration New Zealand has announced significant changes to the accredited employer scheme. What is the accredited employer scheme? Why is it helpful? Accredited employer status makes it much easier for an employer to recruit migrant…

What happens when a visa is declined?

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Immigration applications are complex. There are multiple requirements to be met, some of which can seem contradictory.  Also, of course, the immigration authorities are as human as the rest of us.  Therefore, what can a migrant do, if he…