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The ability to enforce following lease and mortgage defaults

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On 15 April, the Government announced further temporary changes to legislation giving some relief to commercial tenants and mortgagors. Particularly, changes to current legislation were introduced extending the timeframes that tenants and…

Property transactions in a time of challenge

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Our property team has been working through the national state of emergency and lockdown. Below are some questions we have been fielding from our clients and we hope our answers will assist those in a limbo. We assume that the standard form…

Shared responsibilities – identifying and managing health and safety risks in leased premises

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Landlords and tenants need to pro-actively assess and manage the health and safety related risks their premises and operations may pose, and cannot contract out or delegate this responsibility to each other or a property manager. Ultimately,…

Will the new reforms to the Overseas Investment Act affect you?

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On 19 November 2019, Associate Minister of Finance David Parker announced a raft of broad changes to the Overseas Investment Act as part of a Phase 2 reform of the Act. This followed the announcement, on 16 October 2018, that the Government…

Buyer or Agent beware?

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What does "plus GST, if any" really mean? Real Estate agents and purchasers alike will be interested in a recent case, which found that a vendor's agent may be liable in negligence to the purchaser for using the words "plus GST, if any" in…