Anthony Harper’s agribusiness lawyers work across the many and varied industries that make up the sector, with businesses of all sizes, and on a range of matters, regardless of complexity. Family farms, equity partners, corporate holdings, international investors and others turn to us for pragmatic, trusted advice. We are valued for our legal expertise and many years of experience, but also for our understanding of the practicalities of running a business in – or related to – the agriculture sector today.

The core team:

It’s the backbone of New Zealand’s economy, but finding a lawyer who understands agribusiness from the ground up isn’t always easy.

Agribusiness and agricultural law require specialist skills – and the ability to operate at every level of the sector. From family farms and trusts to large equity deals and international transactions, the work and people involved are varied. However, all demand a mix of legal expertise, deep sector understanding, and the ability to work the way the client does.

That’s where Anthony Harper’s Agribusiness team comes in.

Backed by a team of specialists across the range of legal disciplines, respected agribusiness lawyer, Mark Dineen, brings a pragmatic and seasoned approach to all aspects of the sector.

The focus of our agribusiness work includes:

  • Agriculture employment law
  • Family farm related legal work – e.g. trust establishment and management, asset and succession planning, wills and estates
  • Equity partnerships
  • Buying and selling agribusinesses
  • Financing and financial restructures
  • Contracts and disputes
  • The Resource Management Act, environmental law
  • Digital and other novel technologies
  • High country tenure matters
  • Overseas investment

Whether it’s sheep, beef or dairy farming, viticulture, horticulture, forestry, or a service supporting the sector, we understand not only the legal issues facing agribusinesses, but also the many opportunities open to them today.