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WorkSafe New Zealand’s new Data Centre goes live

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Olivia Welsh
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Olivia Welsh

WorkSafe has recently launched an online resource containing a wealth of workplace health and safety data and information.

The new “Data Centre” is available through WorkSafe’s website at: It is heralded by WorkSafe as the “go-to place for reliable, usable, up-to-date health and safety performance data”, and we are inclined to agree.

What information is available in the Data Centre?

The Data Centre contains anonymised information about all sorts of data collected by WorkSafe and is searchable, allowing you to customise your search parameters. At a glance, you can:

  • get summary information about the health and safety performance of particular industries such as agriculture, construction, and manufacturing
  • understand current fatality, accident, and workplace health trends across New Zealand
  • see what the primary types of notifications made to WorkSafe are
  • understand what WorkSafe is doing in response in assessment, investigation, and enforcement activities.

Digging a bit deeper, the Data Centre allows you to filter information by date range, industry, region, accident type, and even age group. Perhaps most usefully for the majority of businesses, the Data Centre allows you to compare health and safety performance data across various years, regions, or industry sectors.

Why does this matter?

It is no secret that New Zealand has a poor record when it comes to workplace health and safety. While various statistics about our workplace health and safety performance are cited and used as attention grabbing headlines from time to time, it has not always been easy for many New Zealand businesses to understand what the real picture of health and safety looks like in their industry.

The Data Centre now allows you and your organisation to readily obtain information about the key issues in your and other sectors, including data about fatalities, injuries, the most common types of accidents or injuries occurring, and how WorkSafe is responding to these events.

We hope that the ability to easily engage with the information available in the Data Centre will help you better understand the health and safety issues faced in your work, and will also encourage you to develop a more focused response to address the critical risks that are causing the most harm to your people.

If you would like to know more, contact our health and safety lawyers, Grant Nicholson and Olivia Welsh.

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