Vision & values

Great people, working together to bring our clients the outcomes they are looking for means doing business in a special way.

At Anthony Harper, we work hard to foster the kind of culture that supports our people to Think Best, in an environment that endeavours to provide professional satisfaction and growth for everyone here.

That means working to some very basic, but important principles.

Our Values:

Proud to be us: our people are the heart and soul of our firm, working together in a way that makes us proud of our work.

We’ve got your back: everybody deserves support, encouragement and to have others standing behind them – we remember that when we are working with clients, our people and our communities.

Whatever it takes: we go above and beyond the every-day to get great outcomes and results we are proud to have achieved.

Upfront, honest and accountable: we are direct and transparent in the way we work with clients, one another, and the wider business community.

Think Best: many of us are experts in our field, but we are all continuously learning and working to do better, every day.

Sound like a good fit?

If you’re keen to join us as a client or part of the team, get in touch to discuss your legal needs or to find out more about a career with us.  

Diversity, equity and inclusion:

Ensuring everybody can be engaged, contribute meaningfully, and feel a true sense of belonging is fundamental to all we do at Anthony Harper. We are on a journey to improving how we do this better, in a truly collaborative way to get the results our clients seek.

Our partners want Anthony Harper to be a workplace of choice for all, irrespective of socio-economic background, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious belief, culture, disability, or any other factor that can limit participation or that has historically blocked advancement in professional settings. The firm has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination, harassment and bias in any form.

Anthony Harper is deeply committed to the principles behind these words, and we keep the spotlight on these areas every day, in every way we can.