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Pro bono projects: Everybody Eats

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Anthony Harper

Anthony Harper’s pro bono client, Everybody Eats, is opening its first permanent restaurant in Onehunga.

Everybody Eats is a ‘pay-as-you feel’ restaurant tackling food waste and poverty issues in Auckland. The organisation takes food donated by Eastridge New World and food rescue charity Kiwi Harvest and turns it into restaurant-quality, three-course meals. These meals are served to members of the community free of charge; or for those who can afford to pay, on a pay what you can basis.

Nick Loosely, Anthony Harper client and founder of Everybody Eats emphasizes that the restaurants are for everyone.

“They’re not only for the vulnerable and food insecure. We have plenty of paying customers who like the environmental and social elements to it.”

The new restaurant in Onehunga will be open five nights a week from the end of September. Although the restaurant will have its own chef and manager, it will still rely on volunteers to wash dishes, wait on tables, and prepare food.

Anthony Harper is a proud supporter of this exciting initiative. Our team provides legal services relating to the opening and running of the restaurant. The Anthony Harper team is also looking forward to volunteering there once the new restaurant is open.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like know more visit Everybody Eats Facebook page here.

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