Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Accidents happen! Our health and safety lawyers work with you to ensure that guidelines are in place to minimise accidents and to guarantee that your workplace not only complies with the regulations but meets best practice recommendations. We are also there to help you pick up the pieces when things do go wrong.

Our team of specialist health and safety lawyers works with private companies, public sector agencies, and not for profit groups across a broad range of industries. We help these clients understand the law and how health and safety works, so they can create and implement effective health and safety systems, policies, and procedures that will help their people work and go homes safe at the end of every day. When thing do go wrong, our team is there to provide on the ground crisis management and support, and assist with post-incident investigations, and protect clients during dealings with WorkSafe New Zealand and the courts.

Good health and safety is good for business. Health and safety shouldn’t be about red tape and ticketing boxes. Instead, good health and safety is about having effective systems in place to manage risk, protect your people, and ensure the ongoing productivity of your business. We know it’s not always easy to get it right which is why we are here to explain the technical and legal requirements of the law and make sure you know what to do, and how and when you need to do it. This will help you ensure legal compliance and avoid accidents.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. When they do, we can provide immediate and ongoing assistance starting with crisis management, and then helping you to investigate and learn lessons from what occurred, while also dealing with interest form the Police, Coroners, WorkSafe and other specialist regulators.

Representative Transactions

  • Explain how the Health and Safety at Work Act and other relevant laws appliy to the work you are doing, and what good practice complaince looks like.
  • Advise on the allocation and management of health and safety risks in all kinds of contacts
  • Provides advice and support in managing health and safety issues with stakeholder (e.g. unions, customers, contractors, and the public).
  • Provide training to directors, executives, middle management, health ans safety representative, and health and safety committee members to help them understand their roles and perform them effectively.
  • Support officers to meet their personal due diligence obligations
  • Review and provide advice on existing policies and procedures
  • Complete verification activities to give you comfort that your systems are appropriate and things are working as they should
  • Provide immediate crisis management support following a workplace accident, helping you deal with the police, WorkSafe, the media, and most importantly your people and other stakeholders
  • Assist in dealing with third parties such a unions, principals, contractors, suppliers, insurers, media and the public.
  • Provide support and advice in dealing with investigations or, if needed, conduct independent investigations
  • Help you work through the Duty Holder Review process if WorkSafe decides and external investigation is not needed
  • Represent workers or officers independently of the business they are associated with
  • Respond to Improvement and Prohibition Notices issued by WorkSafe
  • Represent you in prosecution and Coronial inquiries
  • Prepare applications for Enforceable Undertakings